Composing a Community

Practicing Politics with Music in Mind

Phillip Bimstein

“America’s only all-natural politician-composer”

- Outside Magazine


“Phillip Bimstein uses the voices, natural sounds and culture of his adopted home in his compositions, and he practices politics with music in mind.” - National Public Radio's All Things Considered

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Phillip Bimstein—classical composer, former MTV rocker and two-term mayor of Springdale, Utah—speaks to conferences, conventions, schools and universities on a variety of topics encompassing community-building, civic dialogue, participatory democracy, creativity, oral history and music. Current talks include:

The Man Who Brought Civility Back to Town

The dynamic story of how Bimstein’s town healed its political divisions and restored dignity to its dialogue, as reported by Parade Magazine in “The Man Who Brought Civility Back to Town.”

Composing a Community:  Practicing Politics With Music in Mind

An intriguing combination of political theory and musicology that opens up deeper understandings of music, civic dialogue and the community narratives in which they are embedded.

The Music of Dialogue

How to learn, adapt and apply simple musical skills - such as listening, support, collaboration and interpretation - to foster a more participatory approach to community issues.

Red Rock Rondo

A community’s self-knowledge is enriched through its stories and oral histories. Bimstein takes the audience on a stunningly beautiful multi-media journey of discovery via his Zion Canyon Song Cycle, performed by the folk ensemble Red Rock Rondo in the KUED-TV music special produced by the Western Folklife Center. (A live Red Rock Rondo concert is also an option. More at:  Red Rock Rondo)

Cow Sounds and Pitchers’ Mounds

The colorful stories and sounds of Bimstein’s alternative classical music, from cows, coyotes, cats, casinos, ball park beer vendors, jailhouses, cracking eggs—all the way to the cracks of Sammy Sosa’s and Mark McGwire’s bats! Bimstein weaves samples from his works with an inside peak into how these stories and sounds are gathered and made into music. (Hear a sampling of Bimstein’s works, which have been performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center and London’s Royal Opera House—at Phillip Bimstein’s MySpace)